Acquisition of lands in order to build houses, warehouses, etc. both for selling or rental. Our main activities are:

Site Finding

Site finding includes choosing the right site from the business prospective.

Negotiating contracts and purchasing

Our team and our legal advisors, allow us to explore different ways to structure a land purchase deal or other business opportunities.

Development approval

Our projects are developed using a group of experts as town planner, civil /hydraulic/traffic/acoustics/mechanical engineer, architect, landscape designer, quantity surveyor, builder, etc. to get the development approval.

Building approval

Our team will work on setting all the required documentation in order to satisfy the state regulations.


Our team will contract with the builders for the project and have a procurement strategy in place. A project manager and contract administrator will take the lead during this stage. Our building surveyor will certify that works have been completed in accordance with regulations and to specified building standards.

Getting a certificate of occupancy or the relevant titles

Our team will work on what’s the last step to sell/rent the finished product.